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Delicious jams and jellies. Handmade in small-batches in the Cowichan Valley on Vancouver Island.

Joan and Brad, Owners of Mrs Jones Jams

Mrs Jones Jams Husband Brad and Wife Joan

Growing up on a farm in Cobble Hill, on Vancouver Island, was nothing short of amazing. However, once completing high school and attending college, I, like many, chose to live in the city of Victoria and before long moved to Surrey. I had a fabulous career as a Travel Consultant and Group Tour and Convention Coordinator. This career took me to many, many places around the world and I had the privilege of meeting many incredible people. During this time, I also kept my hand in the Dairy Industry by taking on the position of Secretary of the BC Holstein Branch of Holstein Canada. This position has kept me “in the loop” with Dairy industry friends and family. I have always and continue to admire and respect farmers for all they do to care for their animals and crops to help feed the world. All these many years later, I am very proud to say I still hold this position and still dabble in Travel Sales.

In 2000, my best friend asked me to marry him and to move back to Vancouver Island. This was an answer to my hearts dream. I realized that I really did miss Vancouver Island, rural living and now I could share it with Brad! So it began. Within a few years our family grew to welcome a son then a daughter and a few farm animals, sheep, chickens, and dogs. Together, Brad and I realized we could incorporate our experiences with family, farming and local living into an amazing business – Mrs Jones Jams. Vancouver Island produces an abundance of flavourful fruits and vegetables. So not only could we live in the Cowichan Valley, “God’s Country”, we also gather as much as we can from Island farmers during the growing season so we can use them in our jams and jellies. Afterall, there really is an abundance of wild and cultivated berries, apples, rhubarb, pears, and unpasteurized honey available! Sadly, we cannot guarantee this is the case always, but we do everything possible when possible, to stay local! We sincerely believe and know: “The best preserves begin with the best fruits”.

Welcome 2023!! Now that we have bid 2022 farewell, and we welcome another year, it seems to be a great time to reintroduce myself to you before I get too busy in the kitchen!

Where it all began? 5 years ago, during the whirlwind of life, I spotted an ad for Mrs Jones Jams being available for purchase. Being a jam-maker was not on my radar necessarily at the time, but hey! why not? I had been doing just that for my own family, so why not make “a few extra”. Having a few minutes to spare, that particular day, I contacted “Mrs Jones” and the next thing I did was inform Brad that “Mrs Jones Jams” would be taking over the remaining “spare time” in my life.

Thinking back to my childhood and teenage years, if someone had ever suggested that I would be the owner/operator of an Artisan Jam business, I would have laughed! I had been raised on a local dairy farm, the youngest of three children. My parents were very resourceful and taught us how to respect and use what the good Lord gave us! My dad would grow a hearty vegetable garden every year and tended to bountiful fruit trees. Mom would preserve the vegetables and fruits so we could enjoy the home grown tastes throughout the year. As the only daughter, besides learning animal husbandry on many levels, I spent a lot of time helping in the garden and in the kitchen, canning seasonal fruits, making loads of apple sauce and jams. I enjoyed helping and learning but didn’t honestly see it as a future business venture! I did however love to savour the taste of good homemade food and I still do!

Joan at the Mrs Jones Kitchen

Mrs Jones Jams in the kitchen

Today, our children are enjoying blossoming studies and careers, which is such a blessing to support and watch. Early in 2022, we made the bold decision to open our very own commercial kitchen. With the support of my family and friends, I’m genuinely excited to realize that my vision to grow Mrs Jones Jams is now possible and is happening! Of course, the other exciting part of having our own kitchen, is that we can confidently say that not only are our products gluten free, but so is our kitchen!

I am thankful to everyone who grows food on Vancouver Island, small backyard gardeners and large growers alike. Your patience, endurance and support make businesses like ours successful. Keep doing what you do! I am thankful to everyone who purchases, appreciates, and savours our true, chunky, fruit jams and jellies! Every batch is made with you in mind! Being small batch, not every batch turns out “exactly” the same, but, they are made with the same love and care you have come to know with Mrs Jones Jams and Jelly’s. Thank you to one and all! So, moving forward let’s, together, “Spread the Love”! Mrs Jones personally guarantees the quality of all her products for one year. You will find the “Best before” label on the bottom of each jar. If for any reason you are dissatisfied, please contact us here. We will do our best to rectify the issue.

Mrs Jones personally guarantees the quality of all her products for one year. If for any reason you are dissatisfied, please contact us here.

Spread the Love!

Joan  xxx

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